What is content?

Robert Mills

Today I was asked the question, what do you mean by content?

The conversation that led to that question involved me talking to my pal Ed about an event where all things content related are discussed and shared (more on that soon!).

That chat was several hours ago as I sit here and type this post. The reason I felt compelled to blog is because that question stopped me in my tracks. I actually struggled to answer it without pausing and contemplating.

In my head I knew what content...

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Tone of Voice Continuum

Robert Mills

When I did a talk on tone of voice at Revolution Conf last year, I spent a little time talking about using a continuum. This was in relation to going through the process of defining your own tone of voice and the tools and activities that can help with this.

A continuum is defined by Oxford Dictionaries as:

A continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptibly different from each other, but the extremes are quite distinct.

With a continuum in relation to tone of voice, you have two opposites at...

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