Robert Mills

Studio Manager, Writer, Speaker & consumer of too many Monster Munch

About Me

The about page is always the hard one. Do I share with you my employment history or the fact that I once had a massage in a Thai women’s prison? That story is probably better suited for another blog!

My studies included media studies and psychology and I’m a journalism graduate who has been working in the web world for the last 5 years. I’m currently Studio Manager at Bluegg in southWales and author of A Practical Guide to Designing the Invisible, published by Five Simple Steps. I recently ventured into the world of conference speaking with by fellow Bluegger, Tom.

I’m involved in a few side projects and clubs. One of my current freelance projects is Digest, an exclusive and free weekly enewsletter. I’ve taken on the role of Commissioning Editor and I can promise you the content is not to be missed. I’ve recently become co-organiser of UX Bookclub Cardiff, am involved in fun and social networking group Fiftyone3 and also spoke recently at Handheld Conf.

As a freelancer I’ve written for .Net Magazine, Think Vitamin, Smashing Magazine, 24ways and I’m part of the .Net Magazine big question panel and awards judging panel. I’m no Simon Cowell mind.

I’ve worked on projects for Drupal, ESPN, and Vodafone amongst many others and am currently involved in web and print projects for a range of clients.

I love films, coffee and Monster Munch. I don’t like raisins, yoghurt with bits in or strong cheese. I have two cats, one called Burt, the other called Dora.